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Mitchell Draizin is the Founder and President of Longview Capital Advisors. LVCA serves as an investment and mortgage advisor and banker to New York Metro area based middle market real estate builders and developers. The focus is on “market rate” projects in underserved markets and property types.

Draizin is actively involved in national, state and local Democratic politics, primarily through fund raising and offering strategic advice for certain elected officials, candidates, the DNC and DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee).

Additionally, Draizin is active with the National Leadership Council at Lambda Legal, the Board of Directors of The Point Foundation, as a Trustee and Advisory Board member of the Truman National Security Project /CNP, as a NY/NJ member of the Board of Directors of Playworks, on the Board of Directors of Thalia Theatre of NYC, with the Congressional Award Board, and as a National Advisory Board member with New Leaders Council.

Mr Mitchell Draizin

Founder, Longview Capital Advisors

  • Board of Directors, The Point Foundation,
  • Advisory Board, Truman National Security Project
  • Board of Directors, Thalia Theatre, NYC,