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Tailored Enterprise Degrees
for your Employees

We partner with the largest global corporations, government departments and NGO’s across four continents to provide unparalleled employee opportunities for career advancement.

Tailored Enterprise Degrees deliver unparalleled value

Affordable degrees
(from US$6,585)

Volume discounts

Available to staff
and family members

Dedicated Client
Account Manager

HR Reporting

Tailored to deliver your strategy

Historically companies financially support staff tuition for external learning, often studying academic material with little or no relevance to job functions.

Ducere Tailored Enterprise Degrees are unique. We conduct a strategy and skills analysis to customise Bachelor and MBA degrees that match your business needs.

Tailored Projects can be designed at any level

Management through
people and culture

Departmental and all
functional areas

Employee determined
project needs

Example MBA projects

The project team was tasked to create an early stage feasibility study surrounding what types of disabilities are the greatest challenges, what is the competitive landscape of accessibility tools within Egypt and internationally.

With the acquisition of 20th Century Studios, the MBA team prepared recommendations for best practice to manage uncertainty, maintain staff motivation and productivity and devise change strategies to ensure a strong position for the takeover.

Investigate tangible opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in the professional services sector and make recommendations on how professional services firms could capitalise on this emerging technology.

Deliver proven Return on Investment


Save 16-20% staff
rehiring costs

Expand Talent

Expand capacity
for advancement
internally, rather
than externally. 


American employee
productivity is 3-8
hours on average.


91% cited professional
training as significant
when choosing
an employer.

Source: Robert Half, Enactus Study

Join our dynamic Industry Partners

Tailored Solutions to your Organisation

Clients have the autonomy to elect the specific programs, identify the employee candidates, allocate the investment, and be part of the selection process.



  • Bachelor Degrees in Business Management
  • MBA Online


  • Uncapped Numbers


  • $2,000 per year


  • 12 months minimum employment with the company

  • Remain in the company’s employment for a minimum of two years post graduation

  • Willing to share their learning within the organisation.



  • All Bachelor and MBA Programs


  • Up to 10 staff per year


  • $5,000 per annum


  • Submit business case to demonstrate the value

  • Remain in the company’s employment for a minimum of three years from course enrolment.

Become a recognised employer of choice

Walmart College Program
profiled on CNBS Live.

Starbucks College Program on
the cover of The Atlantic Magazine.

Disney article about providing staff
with college education opportunities


Tuition support from

per year*
*Tuition support includes account management and HR reporting services.
  • No set-up fees
  • No service fees
  • No annual fees
  • Complimentary consulting needs-analysis

Human Resources Reporting

As a valued client, account management services include the provision of Human Resource reports that can be used in organisational communications covering:

  • Staff Enrolments
  • Investment
  • ROI
  • Retention Increases
  • Engagement
  • Satisfaction
  • Levels
  • Applied Projects
  • Communications and Awareness
  • External Profile
  • Barriers
  • Recommendations

Ducere partners with leading, accredited universities in four continents.

A recognised leader in industry-tailored education, Ducere has won various awards and is a member of:

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the worlds fastest growing
learning platform, designed
to fit within any lifestyle.


Bachelor Programs

Bachelor of Applied Business (Management)
Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing)
Bachelor of Applied Business (Entrepreneurship)
Bachelor of Applied Digital Marketing
Bachelor of Applied Business Innovation

Postgraduate Programs

The Online MBA
Executive MBA
MBA (Innovation and Leadership)
MBA (Luxury Brand Management)
MBA (Data and Cyber Management)
MBA (Health Sector Digital Transformation)

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