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Kay Koplovitz is the founder of the American pay-tv station USA Network and an passionate advocate of female entrepreneurship. Koplovitz became the first female network president to work in the United States through USA Network, a cable channel launched in 1977 that transformed the way sporting events were broadcast in America. Until that point, sports were only televised locally and on the weekends. She led USA Network into the number one ranking in primetime viewership among cable networks. The company held that position for 13 of her 14 years at the helm.

A committed supporter of women in the workplace, Koplovitz has spent a large part of her time promoting and reinforcing the opportunities available to female entrepreneurs, executives and investors. She co-created Springboard Enterprises in 2000 to help foster venture capital investments in women-led high growth companies. This organisation selects, trains and assists female entrepreneurs to raise venture capital for businesses that are high-growth, and working in areas such as green technology, media, marketing, biotech and more. Since its inception, Springboard has given its support to more than 450 companies that have raised $5.5b in new capital.

Koplovitz has worked in several similar roles to help advance the skills and abilities of professional women, while also working in various positions in the media industry. She has received a long list of awards for her efforts in promoting the work of women and in developing the world of media and broadcasting.

Ms Kay Koplovitz

Founder, USA Networks

  • Chairperson & CEO, Koplovitz & Co LLC
  • Chairperson & Co-Founder, Springboard Enterprises
  • Board Member, CA Technologies

Unit: Undertake Negotiations
Topic: Finalise & Monitor Outcomes of Negotiation