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Valerie Rawat is the holder of an MBA from the University of Paris Dauphine and IAE of Paris. Valerie Rawat started her career as Health Care Assistant in a private clinic in Bordeaux and pursued her career after obtaining a degree in nursing management and education. She was a supervisor in public hospital and an associate teacher in various public and private nursing schools and in continuous improvement training centres. She joined British American Investment in 2008, to set up the first private nursing school in Mauritius (Apollo Bramwell Nursing School) offering a University Diploma and expecting to soon offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through affiliation with other universities. Besides being the President and CEO of the Apollo Bramwell Nursing School, Valerie Rawat is also the Chief Executive Officer of Apollo Bramwell Hospital with a focus on Nursing.

Mrs Valerie Rawat

CEO, Apollo Bramwell Hospital

  • CEO, Apollo Bramwell Nursing School