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Tarah Feinberg has spent 15+ years in entertainment and marketing as a translator, creator and ambassador for emerging technologies. He has launched new divisions and practice areas, like the Digital Studio at NBC Universal and iCrossing’s social media and real-time content marketing group. Currently, as CMO and NY Managing Director of KITE, Feinberg leads communications and customer development, as well as KITE’s NY operations.

KITE is building the world’s first software-driven innovation marketplace. Feinberg spend his days learning as much possible about the ever-changing way people communicate, the emerging platforms that are supporting that evolution, and the brilliant ways peers are tapping into the zeitgeist of the day. Informally, this means that Feinberg is an eternal student with an insatiable appetite for stories with many storytellers and technologies that make life better.

Before KITE, Feinberg built and headed iCrossing’s Live Media Studio, the advertising industry’s first dedicated resource to real-time content and social marketing. Before that, he led emerging platforms strategy at Real Branding, helped build Big Fuel in early days, was a founding member of the NBCU Digital Studio team and worked at HBO for a few years.

Mr Tarah Feinberg

CMO & NY Managing Director, KITE

  • New Media Council Board Delegate, Producers Guild of America
  • Head, Live Media Studio, iCrossing (2011-2013)
  • Digital Innovation Specialist & Chair of Social Media Council Real Branding (2008-2011)/li>
  • Creative Director & Chair of Social Media Council, Real Branding (2008-2010)