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Philip Evans is a consultant who has spent more than 30 years working with multi-nationals companies and leading figures across the world. The topics he discusses are diverse, providing advice for private organisations, non-profits and government bodies right across the globe. They include areas such as media, high technology, financial services, military strategy, homeland security and national economic policy. He is a regular speaker at industry, corporate and academic conferences, including events convened by Bill Gates, Michael Milken and the World Economic Forum.

Evans is a senior partner and managing partner of the Boston Consulting Group, a management consultancy group with more than 70 offices in 43 countries. Fortune Magazine has listed the Boston Consulting Group as one of the top 100 companies to work for every year for the last three years. Its reputation makes it one of the top employers for recent graduates from MIT, the Harvard Business School, Oxford University and Cambridge University.

Evans is himself a former student of Cambridge University, having graduated with double first-class honours in economics and winning two university prizes. He now focuses much of his time exploring the relationship between information technology and business strategy.

Philip B. Evans

Senior Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

  • Counselled the U.S. government on defence policy and homeland security
  • Lecturer, Foreign Ministry of Japan in Tokyo

Unit: Investigate & Design eBusiness Solutions
Topic: Implement & eBusiness Strategy