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Justo Ortiz is the CEO and board chairman of UnionBank Philippines, positions he has held since 1993. Founded in 1982, UnionBank is now one of the largest and most trusted banks in the Philippines. It is known for some noticeable firsts in the country, being the pioneering organisation for introducing online banking services, starting its first electronic savings account options, and carrying the country’s first ATM card brand that is useable with PayPal.

Ortiz’s experience prior to working with UnionBank includes years of work with Citibank and other capital enterprises, equity ventures, transport companies and charity groups. Ortiz is an expert in risk management, banking services and project management. He brings a wealth of knowledge on project management to Dū’s Global Leaders Faculty.

Aside from his work in the corporate world, Ortiz also dedicates his time to his role in the Young Presidents Organisation and as a trustee of Children’s Hour Philippines. Children’s Hour promotes education for all, health, nutrition and child protection in the Philippines. The Children’s Hour program prioritises offering direct assistance, institutional development, organisational strengthening, capacity development and action research.

Mr Justo A. Ortiz

Chairman & CEO, Union Bank of the Philippines

  • Director, Aboitiz Consumer & Transport Group
  • Director, Bankers Association of the Philippines
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Children’s Hour, Philippines

Unit: Manage Projects & Manage Risk
Topic: Finalise & Review Project & Select & Implement Risk Treatments