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John O’Neil is author of the best-selling business psychology book The Paradox of Success. While many business writers focus only on how to get more, bigger, faster, O’Neil shows readers how success in one’s career doesn’t necessarily preclude success in one’s personal life. This message is grounded in firm personal and business experience—he has had a long and successful career in business and education as an administrator, venture capitalist and leadership guru.

His other books, Leadership Alkido and Seasons of Grace, have been similarly well received. The latter, which he co-wrote with Alan Jones, was awarded the Nautilus Prize for the Best in Spirituality category in 2004.

O’Neil began his career in IT, where he rose to New Systems Manager at AT&T, before becoming head of Mills College, Oakland, then President of California School of Professional Psychology. John is a board member of several companies working in the finance and technology spaces, as well as of foundations focused on education and social enterprise. He is the President of the Center for Leadership Renewal, which coordinates the provision of strategic planning, leadership development and organisational skills to both individuals and organisations.

Mr John O’Neil

Author, The Paradox of Success, Leadership Alkido and Seasons of Grace

  • President, Center for Leadership Renewal
  • Trustee, The Noyce Foundation
  • Advisor, CleanFish