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As a representative of the government of Botswana, Frankel provides liaison services in the areas of investment, trade and tourism, and assists citizens and government officials of Botswana who are working, studying or travelling in northern California.

Frankel served on the staff of Senator Thomas Kuchel, the former Republican Party whip who played a vital role in enacting civil rights legislation in the 1960s. Frankel’s multifaceted career has also encompassed roles ranging from helicopter dealership owner to Botswana Country Director for the Peace Corps.

He now dedicates his time to non-profit organisations and foundations and community development, consulting, serving on boards and filling directorships on an interim basis.

He received his BA and MBA from Harvard University.

Mr Charles (Chuck) L. Frankel

Honorary Consul, Republic of Botswana; President, Frankel International Development Organization

  • Board Member, Goldman School of Public Policy (2000-2011)
  • Board Member, World Affairs Council of Northern California (1968-2011)
  • Board Member, National Peace Corps Association (2002-2008)