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Andrew Macleod’s life philosophy is “If you have the good fortune to be born in a country with freedom and education, then you must hone your skills and use them as best you can for the betterment of other people”.

With years of experience in business leadership and humanitarian aid, Andrew Macleod is an accomplished thought leader in the field of sustainable investing.

He has considerable experience in high-profile leadership, from roles such as General Manager of Community, Communications and External Relations for Rio Tinto to the Chief of Operations for the United Nations response to the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake and work as a delegate for the International Committee of the Red Cross. He has been recognised for his work many times, and was the recipient of the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal twice, for his work in the Balkans and Rwanda. His experience covers finance, mining, aid, diplomacy, the United Nations, not-for-profit and government, and includes economies and communities from the United States to Rwanda. He specialises in the accurate valuation of major assets in developing economies, leading to more-effective partnerships between local communities and corporations.

He is in demand as an advisor, board member and directors of numerous international organisations and charities, including the New York–based Cornerstone Capital, the Center for Strategic International Studies in Washington DC and the United Nations Expert Group on Responsible Business and Investment in High risk Areas. He maintains a commission as an reserve Australian Army Officer.

Strongly influenced by Michael Porter’s theory of ‘Shared Value’, Andrew advocates the importance of Three Convergence Points Giving New Options: realisation of aid inefficiency and ineffectiveness; private sector community awareness; and Generation-Y demand for social outcomes from their work.


Recipient, Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (2001, 2003)

  • Chief of Operations, United Nations Emergency Coordination Centre, Pakistan (2005)
  • Non-Executive Director, Cornerstone Capital
  • General Manager Community, Communications and External Relations, Rio Tinto (2012-2013)
  • CEO, Committee for Melbourne (2010-2012)