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Andrew Bassat is the co-founder of online jobs market Seek and has been the company’s CEO since 2011. Under Bassat’s leadership, Seek has changed the media market and grown from a small start-up into a $4b giant over the 15 years. Bassat and his brother Paul launched the company in 1997, seeing the enormous potential for growth in online jobs listings as people looked for a more streamlined method to search for and advertise employment opportunities.

From its roots in Australia, Seek has become a business that operates in China, Brazil, Mexico and areas of South-East Asia. The site attracts millions of unique viewers each month and the business is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. As many of its competitors report enduring declines in their revenue streams, Seek is continuing to increase its market share and its profit margins. Since listing on the ASX in 2005, Seek has produced total shareholder returns of around 350 per cent.

Bassat, who is now part of Dūcere’s Global Leaders Faculty, has led Seek’s growth and strategy department since its launch. He has been able to cultivate all the company’s successes by making Seek an exciting and rewarding place to work. The company has featured in the Hewitt Best Employer awards for more than 10 years running. Bassat aims to further expand Seek’s market share, saying in early 2013 that he one day aims to have the company hosting every job-listing in Australia.

Mr Andrew Bassat

Co-founder & CEO of Australia’s #1 Job Site

  • Director, IDP Education Pty Ltd
  • Director, Brasil Online Holdings

Unit: Identify Marketing Opportunities & Enhance Organisation’s Image
Topic: Identify Marketing Opportunities & Enhance Organisation’s Image