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Alastair Hudson is a gay man living with HIV for the last 5 years. He started his own media company called Ayedear Productions Ltd in 2010; it produces media across a range of platforms and some of its clients to date include: The International Planned Parenthood Federation, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, BeautyBase, The David Kato Vision and Voice Award, The African Health Policy Network and the Criminalize Hate not HIV campaign.

Hudson currently works as the coordinator of The People Living with HIV Stigma index for the UK since 2009. The UK was the first developed country to roll out the index. The research generated by the Index has contributed to the Global Commission on HIV and the Criminalize Hate not HIV Campaign in the UK. In 2012 it produced a multimedia resource for UK teachers, called Positive? This learning tool looks at educating and deepening ones awareness and attitudes to HIV. This interactive website is designed as a multi-disciplinary resource that can be used for teachers working in Science, English and Media, Citizenship and PSHEE. It provides students with research, activities and interviews that give them a better understanding of HIV.

Mr Alastair Hudson

Director, Ayedear Productions Ltd

  • Producer – Positive Awareness of & Attitudes to HIV, Ayedear Productions Ltd
  • Trainer, Psychology of Vision (2003-2009)
  • Agent, Alpha Personal Management (2000-2009)