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Technologist and entrepreneur Gregor Freund is CEO and co-founder of Versal, an open publishing platform designed to enable anyone to create interactive online courses without any knowledge of coding.

As a founding engineer at Starfish Software, Freund helped pioneer smart mobile devices and was responsible for developing much of the technology behind device synchronization in the wireless industry. Starfish Software was acquired by Motorola.

Freund later became founder and CEO of Zone Labs, whose signature product, ZoneAlarm, was the first personal firewall, protecting more than 60 million PCs around the world. The company was acquired by Check Point Software.

He holds several patents covering mobile, security and general Internet technologies.

Gregor Freund

Chief Executive Officer, Versal

  • Founder & CEO, Zone Labs, LLC (1997-2004)
  • Chief Technology Officer, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd (2004-2005)
  • Founding Engineer, Starfish Software, Inc.