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The Global MBA

The Global MBA provides students with a global and diverse orientation to an applied business education emphasising ethical decision making, diversity and inclusivity, business strategy, global marketplaces and audiences, transformational change, and business leadership. 


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*Scholarship rate for all students this upcoming intake is $9,000/£7,209. Talk to an enrollment advisor to learn more.

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6 Subjects

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Earn your globally-recognised MBA degree from the University of Valencia and Rome Business School.

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We assess you only on your real-world assignments and an applied project. There’s no need to memorise mindless theory purely to pass an exam. Assessments are based on practical project-focussed work.

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You have to know business and I’ve learned the hard-way as an entrepreneur that not having a Masters education has prevented me from participating in multi-million dollar deals.

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Program Overview

  • Critically examine and reflect on ethical business practices, experiences, and theoretical frameworks that represent sustainable global business strategies and approaches.
  • Analyse the global, social, and environmental trends and factors driving transformational changes in modern business environments.
  • Develop and articulate business strategies and communications for global markets, diverse audiences, and key stakeholders.  
  • Formulate and communicate business strategies, practices, and processes to create and support a diverse and inclusive global workplace.
  • Lead and manage effective transformational changes impacting organisational culture, business practices and processes.
  • Demonstrate problem-solving techniques by analysing and applying theoretical frameworks and concepts to formulate innovative solutions for diverse and global business environments.
  • Utilise analytical skills to critique relevant research and devise systematic and creative solutions for complex challenges concerning globalisation and diversity in modern organisations.

Throughout the course, students are given opportunities to explore the global issues and forces driving transformational change and develop innovative strategies and practices for modern organisations. Students will develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to manage and lead an inclusive, human-centred global workplace. Students will engage with leading faculty and global leaders with international expertise and backgrounds whilst benefiting from the flexibility of online delivery.

Global MBA Subjects:

  • Ethics and Problem Solving
  • Diversity and Inclusive Culture
  • Global Business Strategy
  • Global Marketing and Communications
  • Managing Transformational Change
  • Leadership in Practice

Course Details


Module 1: Ethics and Problem Solving

As ethical viewpoints evolve and change due to an expanding global and diverse business environment, the ability for business leaders and managers to respond appropriately is paramount for contemporary organisations. This subject enables students to critically explore the ethical viewpoints and moral standards to make decisions within complex business environments. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of complex ethical issues that leaders face in today’s environment.
  • Critically evaluate ethical frameworks to design business scenarios and inform business decisions.
  • Develop business processes to institutionalise ethical frameworks.
  • Construct strategic models that combine global, environmental, and social value.

Module 2: Diversity and Inclusive Culture

Leaders and managers must be equipped with a global mindset to ensure an organisational culture is supportive of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Students will critically examine how human, cultural, and social dynamics can influence an organisation’s culture, effectiveness and productivity. As a result, students will develop strategic approaches to balance the organisational and human demands in an increasingly diverse and global environment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically evaluate the different elements of culture and behaviour prevalent in organisations.
  • Evaluate and enhance organisational development tools and approaches to support workforce performance outcomes.
  • Develop approaches to manage diverse teams towards strategic organisational objectives.
  • Demonstrate leadership through critically analysing, developing and communicating processes to lead and manage organisational change effectively.

Module 3: Global Business Strategy

This subject provides students with a broad yet critical understanding of business strategy fundamentals and strategic approaches. Students will analyse the role business strategy has in evaluating business performance and developing a competitive advantage in global markets and business operations. Also, students will study a variety of key strategic frameworks and concepts and apply them to formulate new and innovative strategies and manage strategic change for their own industries or organisations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically analyse strategic concepts and their role in business performance.
  • Evaluate strategic frameworks to inform business decision making.
  • Appraise and recommend various strategies to achieve business goals and create a competitive advantage.
  • Identify, evaluate and respond to risk on strategic projects.
  • Hypothesise the variations of strategic change and apply relevant approaches to change management.

Module 4: Global Marketing and Communications

Modern consumers have unlimited access to products and services from around the globe in a matter of seconds. As a result, business leaders and managers must move towards a customer and market-driven marketing approach and transform their global marketing and communication efforts. Students will explore fundamental marketing concepts such as segmenting, targeting, and positioning and develop key marketing strategies. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically evaluate emerging trends and their role in global market strategies.
  • Analyse consumer behaviours and buying decisions for diverse audiences.
  • Develop customer-driven marketing strategies and communications for global markets.
  • Recommend customer or market-driven marketing strategies.

Module 5: Managing Transformational Change

This subject enables students to develop a comprehensive and critical understanding and application of relevant change management theories and strategies. Students will examine various external and internal business factors that drive transformational change, especially in a global and digital context. In addition, students will learn to manage changes by focusing on organisational culture, leadership, digitalisation, competition, and globalisation. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically evaluate theoretical perspectives and approaches to change management.
  • Examine key internal and external forces driving transformational change.
  • Demonstrate change leadership through reflecting, developing, and communicating relevant change management strategies and approaches.
  • Develop strategic approaches to manage diverse organisations and teams.

Module 6: Leadership in Practice

The purpose of this subject is to develop students’ leadership skills and practices for a 21st-century organisation. Students will examine various leadership models, approaches, and styles and reflect on their own leadership skills and experiences. As a result, students will gain valuable insight into successful leadership practices and develop new leadership approaches for any global and diverse organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an appreciation for the importance of leadership and its associated challenges.
  • Critically evaluate key leadership themes and concepts and how key industry leaders have utilised them.
  • Reflect on various leadership frameworks, approaches, practices, and experiences.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply appropriate leadership approaches to contemporary organisations.

Industry Project Partners

Bridging the gap between academic studies and applied, industry‑relevant learning. Industry Project Partners students have worked with in the past include:

Career Outcomes

  • CEO
  • Business Owner
  • Executive Director
  • Consultant
  • General Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Director
  • Senior Manager

Entry Requirements

Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university and if English is not your first language you may be required to provide an IELTS
3+ years of professional management experience and if English is not your first language you may be required to provide an IELTS

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*Scholarship rate for all students this upcoming intake is $9,000/£7,209. Talk to an enrollment advisor to learn more.

Payment Plans

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UK residents may be eligible for a Postgraduate Student Loan to cover all or part of the fees.

Skills Outcome


Woo your audience with improved persuasion and presentations skills.


Show your creative streak by approaching business challenges in a new way.


Harness the skills and abilities of others while working together to create better results.


Use your creativity to find a solution that will give you the best outcome.

Critical Thinking

Evaluate and assess research to make the right decision to get the best result.

Digital Literacy

Become more tech-savvy and understand the impacts of the digital world on your workplace.

Financial Literacy

Sharpen your numbers game and learn how financial analysis can help steer your decision-making to boost your bottom line.


Know what you need to do to get the result you want and take the steps to make it happen.

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