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Executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA)

Advance your career with this flexible online MBA.

The Executive MBA program combines the curriculum of Kennedy University of Leadership with Ducere Global Business School’s expertise in online learning. You’ll benefit from Kennedy University’s specialized courses while enjoying Ducere’s innovative online delivery methods.


12 months


100% Online. Flexible, asynchronous delivery

Program Start Date

October 21, 2024

Tuition Fees


*Scholarships available from KennedyU for those who qualify. Speak to an enrollment advisor. 

Number of Subjects

10 Courses

Program Highlights

Exclusive Access to Insights from World-Renowned Leaders

Sharpen your business smarts with insights from hundreds of global leaders and business innovators.

Work with the world’s top employers

Ducere and Kennedy University of Leadership partner up to offer you a unique opportunity: gain practical experience through projects and collaborations with leading companies. This partnership allows you to apply your learnings in real-world settings and demonstrate your capabilities to potential employers or within your current organization.

Licensed Degree Program

Earn your MBA from Kennedy University of Leadership, licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, License No. 12748.

100% online

Study for your online MBA degree from anywhere, anytime. Manage your work and family commitments while studying remotely.

No exams

Kennedy University of Leadership assesses students using real-world assignments and applied projects.

Ducere Student Voice

I have built a global network of peers, with colleagues in Italy, London, New Zealand and across Australia.

Peter N., Ducere MBA Student

You have to know business and I’ve learned the hard-way as an entrepreneur that not having a Masters education has prevented me from participating in multi-million dollar deals.

Adrian D., Ducere MBA Student

Program Overview

  • Offered by Kennedy University and delivered in collaboration with Ducere, our mission is to bridge the gap between education and industry by designing an MBA with real career impact. 
  • Become the leader your industry needs to meet the challenges of conducting business locally and globally in the 2020s.
  • We collaborate with business partners around the world to stay up-to-date on global business challenges to ensure our online program are innovative and industry-relevant. 
  • Fast-track your career as you apply what you learn, with immediate results in your workplace.
  • Instead of a traditional exam-based approach, our assessments are project-focused, as we believe real learning comes from practical implementation.

The structure of our program includes 10 courses, covering a wide range of critical business topics, to provide you with the opportunity to transform theoretical concepts into real-time business projects.

Our 10 MBA courses are:

  • Ethics and Decision Making
  • Managing Diverse Workplaces
  • Business Strategy
  • Managing Change
  • Organizational Change
  • Digital Operations & Project Management
  • Big Data for Managers
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Finance for Managers
  • Leadership in Practice

Course Details


MGT 610: Ethics and Decision Making

Although some ethical viewpoints are considered universal and consistent across cultures, others are of a local or personal nature. As ethical perceptions evolve and change due to interactions with different people and contexts, the ability of business leaders and managers to make ethical decisions and respond appropriately is paramount for contemporary organizations. This subject assists students in critically exploring the ethical viewpoints and moral standards that are relied upon to reach conclusions and make ethical decisions within a business and organizational context.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Strategic concepts and their role in business performance.
  • Strategic frameworks and their use in business decision making.
  • Strategies to achieve business goals and create competitive advantage.
  • Strategies and their likelihood of achieving business goals.
  • Risk response and evaluation on strategic projects.
  • Variations of strategic change and relevant approaches to manage change.

MGT 625: Managing Diverse Workplaces

In this course, students will learn how diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences impact organizations and examine the common challenges and opportunities of a diverse workplace. Throughout the subject, students will develop leadership and management skills to build diverse teams that are high performing.  Specifically, students will study how to identify staff differences which inform the design of effective management policies, procedures, and positive working environments.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The importance of leadership and its associated challenges.
  • Key leadership themes and concepts and how they can be utilised.
  • Concepts of self-leadership and self-awareness.
  • The role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership.

MGT 630: Business Strategy

This subject provides students with a comprehensive and critical understanding of strategy fundamentals and the role it plays in improving business performance.  Students will examine a variety of strategic frameworks and concepts from various organizational contexts conducive to fostering a competitive advantage, driving growth, and improving business performance. Students will also have the opportunity to develop business strategies and plan a strategic change for their own organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Digital disruption in business: rethinking strategy, customers, competition, data, innovation, and value.
  • Digital transformation as an adaptive process.
  • The essentials of digital transformation.
  • Understanding barriers and exploring methodologies.
  • Designing, implementing and managing processes.
  • Communication, engagement and iteration.

MGT 640: Managing Change

Organizations often need to implement changes affecting their processes, products, and people to keep pace with the ever-changing business ecosystem.  In this class, students will develop a broad understanding of relevant change management theories and practical strategies for managing change. This class will focus on operations, organizational behavior and management challenges, especially in the context of rapid digitalization.

Lastly, students will learn to critically assess if an organizational change is beneficial and whether stability is attainable or desirable in contemporary companies or organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Key Marketing concepts, such as market research, buying behaviour, product management and marketing communications.
  • Marketing strategies, including pricing and channels, segmentation and planning.
  • Brand management, including brand equity, brand research and brand marketing.

MGT 645: Organizational Change

In this course, students will consider the multiple dimensions and models of organizational change.  Specifically, discussions will focus on how politics, power, resistance, culture, and structure can impact organizations as they grow and change.  Students are given opportunities to proactively plan and manage an organizational change such as new policy adoption, new product development, or some form of innovation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Interpret financial statements and extract critical information to make business decisions.
  • Develop an understanding of information that is used in managerial reports for internal reporting.
  • Develop advanced knowledge about financial management imperative to managing firms’ investments and resources.
  • Analyse the financial decisions from a corporate treasurer’s point of view.
  • Understand and identify factors impacting managerial decision-making.
  • Explain managerial decision-making under different market conditions.
  • Evaluate the impact of external and internal factors on managerial decision-making.

MGT 650: Digital Operations and Project Management

As organizations face variability and uncertainties, managers need to be able to respond to those challenges with effective processes and structures. This subject provides students with a broad understanding of the role operations and project management plays within an organization and the challenges and techniques used to solve them. Throughout the class, students will learn how to create project resources such as project plans, work breakdown structures, cost management plans, and risk assessment schedules that foster a competitive advantage.

MGT 660: Big Data for Managers

Over the past decades, companies have experienced massive growth in the data they are generating, collecting, and analyzing.  In this course, students will examine how enormous volumes of data – known as big data – can lead to growth opportunities, operational efficiency, and competitive advantages. Students will explore how big data provides opportunities to improve business decision-making, understand customers and markets, create intelligent products, improve business operations and find sources of revenue.  Students will also learn to develop big data strategies including how to select data sources, data analytics, technology and data infrastructure, and build a data culture in your organization.

MKT 610: Marketing and Communications

With increased access and connectivity to products and services from around the globe, customers have become very educated and increased their power and choice.  As a result, entrepreneurs and marketers must move towards a customer-centric marketing approach.  In this subject, students will critically examine marketing from a customer-driven perspective and learn to create meaningful value for clients and customers. Other topics include identifying target audiences, building product strategies, creating customer engagement, providing customer service, and using customer feedback.

FIN 610: Finance for Managers

This subject introduces core concepts and practices relating to Finance and Managerial Accounting, and Managerial Economics.  Students will learn to interpret and critically evaluate organizational financial information and extract data from financial statements for reporting and decision-making purposes.  Fundamental concepts of corporate financing and capital markets are also explored allowing students to learn to use relevant models and tools to achieve organizational objectives and efficiencies.

LED 610: Leadership in Practice

This subject explores the definitions and practices of leadership in the context of the 21st Century and enables students to examine their own skills, attributes, and actions for successful leadership practices. Through self-exploration and critical examination of different leadership models and techniques, students will develop the necessary mindsets, insights, and capabilities to lead and manage contemporary organizations.

Career Outcomes

  • CEO
  • Business Owner
  • Executive Director
  • Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Director

Entry Requirements

Bachelor Degree

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Tuition, Payment Plans, Loans



*Tuition includes the cost of all course/technology access, academic and administrative support, textbooks and materials, library subscription, and proctoring costs.


The University offers a scholarship program for eligible students. Students may discuss their eligibility with a member of the University’s admissions team and submit an application for assessment.

Variable Pricing

  • 100% reduction in tuition for students with refugee or asylum seeker status.
  • 65% reduction in tuition for students from developing countries(For a detailed list of countries classified as developing nations, please click here).
  • 50% reduction in tuition for students with combined household income below $70,000 USD.

Skills Outcome


Captivate your audience with compelling presentations and persuasive communication.


Unleash your innovative spirit, tackling business challenges with fresh perspectives.


Harness the power of teamwork, synergizing strengths for exceptional outcomes.


Cultivate creative solutions, ensuring you find the best path to success.

Critical Thinking

Evaluate and assess research to make the right decision to get the best result.

Digital Literacy

Navigate the digital age with confidence, understanding its impact on your work environment.

Financial Literacy

Sharpen your financial acumen, leveraging analysis to make strategic decisions that maximize results.


Develop a proactive mindset, taking ownership of your goals and spearheading action.

Our Student Voice

Ducere Global Business School is an online education provider – recognized as one of the most student-focused and industry-relevant business schools in Australia, The UK, and The USA. We partner with established universities to deliver internationally recognized qualifications.

Unlocking Exclusive Insights: Ducere Empowers Kennedy U Students with Industry Leader Knowledge:

Kennedy U students get a major edge with Ducere’s learning resources. Go beyond textbooks with exclusive insights from world-renowned leaders and business innovators. Learn directly from the best, gaining real-world knowledge that shaped industry titans. Ducere bridges the theory-practice gap, giving you the tools to succeed.

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