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Accelerated BA in Applied Business

In this accelerated programme, you will commence with an Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management. Upon successful completion, you gain automatic entry into the final year of the Ducere – University of Wales Bachelor degree with a concentration in either management, entrepreneurship, or marketing. The program is 100% online and project based, no exams. 


18 – 24 months


100% online


Open entry, all year

Tuition Fees


*Scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid available. Speak to an Enrolment Advisor

Number of subjects

14 modules

The Ducere Advantage

Exclusive access to insights from global and elite business leaders

Sharpen your business smarts with insights from hundreds of global leaders and business innovators.

Work with the world’s top employers

Showcase your know-how in real-world scenarios working for the world’s leading employers or in your own organization.

Fully-accredited online BA

Earn your globally-recognised BA Degree from the prestigious University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

100% online

Study for your online BA degree from anywhere, anytime. Manage your work and family commitments while studying remotely.

No exams

We assess you only on your real-world assignments and an applied project. There’s no need to memorise mindless theory purely to pass an exam. Assessments are based on practical project-focussed work.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our students

The flexibility that online study with Ducere provides, allows me to balance working full time with full time study.

Emily S., Ducere BA Alumni

I went to a traditional university and realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do. The people involved in the Ducere Pathway Program, the content and the way the content is delivered is great. This course helped me to find my passion.

Barbara V., Ducere BA Alumni

Programme Overview

  • You will learn to evaluate the challenges and opportunities that have arisen in what is a highly-globalised, digitised and thus diverse, modern business environment.
  • You will develop an entrepreneurial skill set that will both assist in effective management within the high-paced digital economy, as well as foster entrepreneurial capacity within established organisations.
  • You will be empowered to design and implement frameworks and strategies to suit the unique business scenario in which you find yourself, regardless of the organisation for which you work.
  • This course represents a unique learning experience that includes tailored learning activities and exclusive video content, standing on the shoulders of hundreds of the world’s most successful and inspiring leaders.


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Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management:

  • Develop Critical Thinking In Others
  • Communicate With Influence
  • Develop And Implement Business Plans
  • Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement
  • Lead And Manage Organisational Change
  • Provide Leadership Across The Organisation
  • Apply Critical Thinking For Complex Problem Solving
  • Contribute To Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Develop Marketing Plans
  • Develop, Implement And Maintain WHS Management Systems

Final Year. Four General Units:

  • Big Data
  • The Global Economy
  • Management Strategy
  • Organisational Change

Course Details


Module 1: Develop Critical Thinking In Others

Assess individual, team critical, and creative thinking skills. Establish an environment that encourages the application of critical and creative thinking. Lastly, monitor and improve thinking practices.



Module 2: Communicate With Influence

Identify communication requirements, negotiate to achieve agreed outcomes, participate and lead meetings, and make business presentations.

Module 3: Develop And Implement Business Plans

In this module, you will learn to establish a business plan, implement a business plan, and respond to performance data.

Module 4: Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement

Establish ways of working within team, identify improvements, and implement innovative processes. Develop workplace culture and tools for continuous improvement, innovation, and learning.

Module 5: Lead And Manage Organisational Change

Develop change management strategy, implement change management strategy, and evaluate change management strategy.

Module 6: Provide Leadership Across The Organisation

Communicate organisational mission and goals, influence groups and individuals, build and support teams, demonstrate personal and professional competence.

Module 7: Apply Critical Thinking For Complex Problem Solving

Scope the problem solving process, lead the solution development process, and refine the solution for implementation.

Module 8: Contribute To Strategic Workforce Planning

Research planning requirements, contribute to the development of a strategic workforce plan, and support the implementation of a strategic workforce plan.

Module 9: Develop Marketing Plans

Research, prepare, write, and finalise a marketing plan.

Module 10: Develop, Implement, and Maintain WHS Management Systems

Support and facilitate the implementation of a WHSMS. Develop and implement WHS policy and plan, measure and evaluate WHS performance, and review and improve overall WHSMS.

Module 11: Big Data

In this module, you will explore the concepts of Big Data and how it can be applied in modern business contexts. After developing your understanding of the various methodologies for collecting and interpreting Big Data, you will work on its application to improve business performance. After completing this module, you will have a demonstrated capacity to identify and articulate appropriate metrics for measuring business performance across all departments in a variety of businesses and how to identify pertinent trends to overall business performance.

Module 12: The Global Economy

In this module, you will explore the new paradigm of business that is the global economy and the resulting implications for both established and new organisations. You will develop your understanding and ability to identify drivers of global change and interpret the results  to identify opportunities and challenges from both an operational and strategic perspective.

Module 13: Management Strategy

In this module, you will develop your ability to design effective business strategies for organisations of varying types and stages of maturity. Through consideration of strategy concepts, the evolution of strategy and a range of strategic methodologies, you will learn how to respond to specific business scenarios and design proactive strategies towards achieving business goals.

Module 14: Organisational Change

In this module, you will consider concepts of organisational change and change management. You will develop your ability to plan proactively, lead and manage the organisations undergoing change such as new policy adoption, new product development or some form of innovation.

Career Outcomes

  • Project Managers
  • Strategy Specialist
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Owner
  • State Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sustainability Manager

Entry Requirements

No minimum entry criteria. No High school, SAT / GPA (USA), A levels (UK) or ATAR (Australia) is required

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Tuition, Payment Plans, Loans



*Scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid available. Speak to an Enrolment Advisor

Payment Plans

Payment plan available of upfront initial fee followed by 6 payments (one per trimester)


UK – Eligible full and part-time UK students can borrow up to £3,000 of their course fees from the Government.

US – Eligible students within the US can apply for up to US$13,800 in costs through Sallie Mae.

Canada – Eligible Canadian students can apply for finance for British accredited degrees through The Canadian Government, Student Aid.

Australia – Eligible Australian students can apply for full course fees through First Bank.

Skills Outcome


Woo your audience with improved persuasion and presentation skills.


Show your creative streak by approaching business challenges in a new way.


Harness the skills and abilities of others while working together to create better results.


Use your creativity to find a solution that will give you the best outcome.

Critical Thinking

Evaluate and assess research to make the right decision to get the best result.

Digital Literacy

Become more tech-savvy and understand the impacts of the digital world on your workplace.

Financial Literacy

Sharpen your numbers game and learn how financial analysis can help steer your decision making to boost your bottom line.


Know what you need to do to get the result you want and take the steps to make it happen.

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